Community Action Suffolk (CAS) is carrying out a survey to evaluate the services it currently provides and identify areas where it may be able to extend or improve these. The survey will also identify the support needs of VCSE (voluntary community and social enterprise) organisations in Suffolk and inform our business planning.   We welcome responses from all Suffolk organisations whether you have used our services or not in the past

Chris Abraham, Chief Executive at CAS, said:

"Every day we read more about the importance of the VCSE sector in our everyday lives particularly as a result of the recent COVID 19 pandemic. This recognition is encouraging, but at the same time we’re seeing increasing demands on organisations, together with significant challenges around funding and volunteering in particular.

“We want to ensure that CAS continues to offer services, products and projects to develop, empower and strengthen VCSE organisations in our county.

“Please help us to understand how we’re doing and shape our future by completing this survey.”

The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete.

Question Title

* 1. What is the name of your organisation / group

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* 2. How many staff (full and part time), volunteers and/or trustees does your organisation have?

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* 3. Have you and your organisation signed up to CAS to Join Our Network?

If you have answered no or not sure, please go to:
when you have completed this survey, to sign up.

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* 4. Where does your organisation provide services?

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* 5. Where is your organisation based?
(Please provide the first half of your post code, e.g. IP14 or CO5 or NR32)

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