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About these questions

This questionnaire is for people who have been involved with CAPS Independent Advocacy in the last 2 years ie since January 2020. 

Trauma Informed Practice is a way of working that recognises:
  • that anyone using a service may have experienced trauma at some time in their lives
  • that people who have had experience of trauma may be less likely to trust services
  • that relationships are important in preventing and recovering from the effects of a traumatic experience.
CAPS aims to work with everyone in this way to provide the best possible Advocacy experience. We aim to:
  • Create physically and emotionally safe spaces for people
  • Work in a transparent way to establish trusting relationships with people
  • Ensure people have as much choice and control as possible
  • Work collaboratively, respecting people’s experience and co-producing materials wherever possible
  • Create a culture of compassion within the organisation.

Question Title

* 1. Have you been in touch with CAPS Independent Advocacy any time since January 2020? You may have used the individual advocacy service, been a member of a collective advocacy group, and/or been a volunteer with us.

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