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Seen But Not Heard- CAPS Independent Advocacy

Who we are
This survey is to contribute to research being undertaken by Seen But Not Heard project, a collective advocacy group for people with personal experience of eating disorders. We are based in Lothian and facilitated by CAPS Independent Advocacy. We work to promote the voice of people with lived experience of eating disorders, to raise awareness and campaign for change.

Why this survey?
This survey is about men with experience of eating disorders. We are carrying out this research to highlight the experiences of men with eating disorders in the UK and promote improvements in services available to them. 

Who is this survey for?
Please only fill in this survey if you identify with having personal experience of an eating disorder. You do not need to have an official diagnosis nor identify with a specific condition. Participation in this survey is voluntary.

This research relates to the experiences of men with eating disorders. The survey and the subsequent report will focus on the experiences of those who identify as men with eating disorders. However, if you do not identify as a man, but think that this survey aligns with your experience, please do not feel as if you cannot fill out this survey. We will not exclude anyone from this research on the basis that they are not a cisgender man.

The survey will ask you questions about your personal experience of eating disorders. Please do not share anything you are not comfortable with, if you would like to skip any questions, please do so. The survey should save your progress so you can fill it out at your own pace. The survey will take around 15-25 minutes to complete. The survey will close on the 14th of July.
The survey is anonymous and will not ask for your name or any contact details, please do not share any identifying information. The answers will be collated by CAPS staff and Seen But Not Heard group members and the findings will be used to write a report. Your answers will be viewed by members of the group, and it will be stored on CAPS secure server. The report will be published on our website and will be available to the wider public. The anonymous results may also be used in other CAPS reports and publications to raise awareness of eating disorders and improve services for people with eating disorders. Please be aware, once you’ve submitted your answers, we can not delete your answers as all results are anonymous and we will not be able to identify you.

Further Opportunity- Interviews
We are also keen to hear from people who would like to take part in individual interviews for this research. If you are interested, or have any other questions about this research, please email Iona MacTaggart at
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