Integrating home renovation services through one-stop-shops

10 March 2020 14.00 – 17.30 EET
(13:00 – 16:30 CET)
Workshop with panel discussion and live webstreaming

HOTEL BALKAN (city centre) | 5 Sveta Nedelya Square | 1000 Sofia| Bulgaria |

In order to contribute to Europe’s climate and energy targets, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (Directive 2018/844/EU) foresees the decarbonisation of the EU’s building stock by 2050. Existing buildings hold a large potential for improvement and energy savings, and can play a key role in the clean energy transition. The renovation of the residential sector is particularly important, but home renovation is a complex process. It includes a multitude of tasks (acquiring reliable technical advice, approaching the right contractors, receiving appropriate offers, applying for licenses and funds, monitoring the work, etc.) in a fragmented market which involves a variety of players (consultants, energy auditors, public authorities, financing institutions, contractors, craftsmen, real estate agencies, etc.). Home renovation is therefore a daunting prospect for homeowners who do not know where to start, which advice to trust, or how to finance the works.

An emerging solution is the one-stop-shop concept, offering a variety of services accessible from one source. This includes technical advice and diagnosis of the building, structuring and provision of finance, design and construction, procurement of building works, and quality assurance or guarantees of performance. One-stop-shops can increase awareness and trust among homeowners, reduce renovation costs and the administrative burden, and ensure appropriate financing.

This public event organised by the Concerted Action on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD) will present successful examples of integrated home renovation services. An overview of one-stop shops across Europe will be provided by the European Commission, and expert speakers from EU funded projects will participate in a roundtable discussion. There will be opportunities for questions and interaction with the audience.

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