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How we will use your information
We collect this information to process your application for a place at Cockpit Arts. This information may also be used for internal reports and statistical purposes. We may also use your information to contact you, and to refer to, if we provide you with services in the future. We will never share your information and promise to keep your details safe and secure. If you wish to change the details we have for you, please contact info@cockpitarts.

* 1. Personal information

* 3. Are you (please select all that are applicable)

* 4. Which University or College did you attend?

* 5. Are you currently practicing and in business?

* 6. Where is your business currently located?

* 8. What year did you register your business with HMRC?

* 9. What was your turnover in your last financial year?

* 10. Web address / social media 

* 11. Have you had involvement with Cockpit Arts in the past?

* 12. If yes, please give details:

* 13. How did you hear about Cockpit Arts?

* 14. Please give specific details of any professional training and development that you have undertaken in the past.
(i.e. Crafts Council Hothouse/Injection, Design Trust, School for Creative Startups, Virgin StartUp, Walpole Crafted Programme)

* 15. Please check the box to confirm that you have emailed your CV and Artist Statement to