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Welcome to the 2018 State of the Nation's Foster Care survey. It seeks to assess the current state of fostering in the UK and to draw on the experience of foster carers to identify the successes and challenges involved with fostering children and young people. We want to hear your views, whether you have positive or negative things to say.

Make yourself a cuppa. The survey should only take 15-20 minutes to complete but you are most welcome to take longer and give more detailed answers in the boxes at the end of some of the questions. 

Your responses, views and experience of fostering are very valuable to us and the results of this survey will be useful in identifying the areas in which The Fostering Network needs to do more to ensure that you, and the children in your care, have the best possible experience of foster care. We will use the responses as the basis for our State of the Nation 2018 report.

Three lucky winners will be picked randomly from all respondents and receive a £25 voucher each.

Your responses will be treated in confidence. We may use any comments you make to illustrate points in the report, but these will be anonymised and will not be used in any way that could identify you.

Thank you very much for taking part.

If you have any questions about this survey please contact robert.cann@fostering.net.

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