Here at MNHQ, it's census time again! This survey is open to everyone!

It's really useful to us to find out a bit more about the folk who use Mumsnet - and as a thank you for completing the census we have lined up some lovely prizes. Everyone who takes part in the survey and adds their details at the end will be entered into a prize draw where you could win one the following:

WIN! A Vorwerk Kobold VK200 with EB and SP heads (RRP £1,049)
WIN! A Tefal Cook4Me (RRP £269.99)
WIN: A £250 gift voucher for the store of your choice!

For more details and T&Cs please click here

All responses are confidential and no individual details will be passed on to any third parties. 

Thanks, and good luck!

Firstly some questions about you

* 1. If you are in the UK, please add your postcode below. No spaces please

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. Are you female or male?

* 4. Where do you live (at present)?

* 5. How many children do you have in your family/ household (of any age)?

* 6. How old are the children in your family/ household? Please add in below any details of twins, triplets etc
Tick all that apply

* 7. Are you currently pregnant or are you actively trying to conceive/planning to try to conceive in the near future?
If you are pregnant, which trimester are you in?

* 8. Which one of the following best describes the highest level of education you have achieved (thus far)?
Please tick one

* 9. To which of these ethnic groups do you consider you belong?

* 10. Please tell us which of the following best describes the occupation of the person who makes the highest financial contribution to your household. You might not be able to find an exact description; in this case, please select the best fit from the given examples.

* 11. What is your relationship status?

* 12. Which of the following best describes your normal working status?
And which of the following best describes your partners normal working status?
If on maternity/paternity leave, please indicate role before maternity/paternity leave started.

  Self Partner
Full-time paid employment
Full-time self-employed
Part-time paid employment
Part-time self-employed
Stay at home parent
Unemployed, looking for work
On sick leave/ unable to work
NA: No partner

* 13. If you do any kind of paid work (employed or self-employed), which of the following best describes the sector you work in?

* 14. Is your current home....

* 15. Please answer yes or no to the following (random selection of) questions.

  Yes No Don't know/ rather not say
Are you a grandparent?
Do you personally make regular charitable donations (monthly or more)?
Do you or anyone in your household have any longstanding physical or mental illness, impairment or disability? (By longstanding we mean anything that has affected - or is likely to affect - the sufferer for a period of over 12 months.)
Are you/ your family planning to move home in the next 12 months?
We/ I am planning home renovations in the next 12 months eg new kitchen/ bathroom/ extension
Are you the landlord (or joint landlord) of a house/flat/residential property that you rent or usually rent out?
We/ I am planning home decoration in the next 12 months
Are you personally the main "breadwinner" for your household/ family?
Do you or anyone in your household currently receive any state benefits, tax credits or independence/ disability-related payments (not including child benefit payments)?

* 16. What is the average annual income for your household?

* 17. Do you, someone in your household, or an external contributor (e.g. employer) regularly put money into:

a) a private or workplace pension for you;
b) savings for you/your family?
c) other investments for you/your family?

  Yes, I/we make a contribution Yes, someone else makes a contribution No, not at the moment
A private or workplace pension for you

Now some questions about you and Mumsnet

* 18. Assuming you kept your anonymity, would you recommend Mumsnet to other people like you?

* 19. For which of the following reasons do you use/visit Mumsnet?
Tick all that apply

* 20. Which - if any - content areas would you like to see on MN (or do you enjoy reading on Mumsnet)?

  Would love to/ love seeing this Would like to/ like to see this Not interested
Style/ fashion
Beauty tips and tricks
Parenting babies
Parenting toddlers
Parenting children
Parenting pre teens
Parenting teens
Parenting adult children
Looking after older parents
Home decor

* 21. Thinking about products on MN, have you ever...
NB: 'Product' could include services, days out, holidays etc
Tick all that apply

* 22. Please take a look at the following list of some of Mumsnet's different facets and let us know whether you have heard of them or not? Please tick one option per row

  Have read about, visited or looked at the pages Am aware of but have not explored further Am not aware of
MN Jobs
MN Influencers Network (bloggers)
Insight Panel/Insight pages
Mumsnet Best badge
MN Local pages
Mumsnet Family Friendly Programme
Mumsnet Rated badge
Mumsnet Video (on YouTube or Facebook)

* 23. Mumsnet runs some schemes with client companies:

- Our Family Friendly programme, where companies are assessed on how family friendly they are

- Mumsnet Best, which rewards the top products in a given category each year following expert testing.

- Mumsnet Rated, which allows products to display a badge if enough MNers who tested it as part of an product test approved of it

For each of these please indicate whether a company or product being part of a scheme would make you more or less likely to buy from or visit them.

  Definitely more likely Probably more likely Makes no difference Less likely Don't know
Mumsnet Family Friendly Scheme
Mumsnet Best
Mumsnet Rated

* 24. Please say whether you're interested or not in the following on Mumsnet:

  Yes, interested No, not interested Don't know
Receiving a local email newsletter targeted to your area
Reviews of local events and attractions
Discussion about local news and issues
Reviews of local schools by parents
Listings for local events, classes, tutors and family friendly places to go
Links to or featured blogs about the local area
Local offers on your local site

* 25. Aside from Mumsnet, what's your most useful source of parenting advice? Why?

And now some lifestyle questions

* 26. How many holidays do you and your family normally take every year?

* 27. And if you have been on holiday in the last 2 years, which of the following types of holiday have you been on?

* 28. And in total, how much do you/your family spend on holidays in an average year?
Please include all travel costs, accommodation, food, drinks and spending money (although a rough estimate is fine!)

* 29. Which of the following statements apply to you and your household?
Please tick all that apply

* 30. Thinking about clothes for yourself, which of the following are the main places or labels you would buy from, including online purchases? Tick the main ones that apply to you

* 31. Which of the following TV or video services do you have or subscribe to at home?
Tick all that apply

* 32. Across a normal month, which supermarket(s), if any, do you use? Please say whether you shop in-store or online (including via an app), or both.
If none, please leave blank

  In-store Online/app
M&S (food)

* 33. Thinking about books or e-books you may have bought in the last year or so, which of the following retailers have you bought from?

  Books for you/other adults eBooks Books for children eBooks for children
Waterstones store
Waterstones online
WH Smith store
WH Smith online
Supermarket store
Supermarket online
Independent bookshop
Book People/Red House via catalogue
Book People/Red House online
Charity shop/jumble/car boot sale
Other online retailer
NA: not bought

And now a couple of questions about politics - if you are not in the UK, please skip to Q36.

* 34. If you are happy doing so, please tell us which of the following parties you voted for in the last General Election on 8 June 2017. If you did not vote, please tick 'Did not vote' or 'Not eligible to vote'.

* 35. If there were to be a General Election tomorrow, which of the following parties would you be most likely to vote for?

Blogs and social media

* 36. Thinking about blogs and bloggers, please say if you...

  Yes No Don't know
Have your own blog?
Follow any blogs / influencers via a subscription or by regularly checking them
Follow any bloggers / influencers on social media
Trust bloggers/ influencers

* 37. Who, if any are your favourite bloggers (or influencers) to follow/ read about?

* 39. Thinking about some of the other websites you may visit, how often do you visit or read articles on each of the following:

Tick one response per row, using the 'Never' options if you do not use these sites

  Every week or more often Monthly or more often Less often Never but am aware of it Never and not aware of it
BBC News
Digital Spy
Good Housekeeping
Huffington Post
Mail Online
Mother and Baby
NHS Choices/NHS Direct
The Pool

* 40. We're interested in the videos you watch and share online. Please let us know what sort of videos you actively search for, and what sort of videos you enjoy or might share with friends.
Tick all that apply

  Actively search for Would watch/share with friends
Product demos and reviews
Parenting How Tos e.g. How to swaddle
Parent 'vloggers' or video diaries
Hair & make up tutorials
Kids' crafts and activities
Tips and hacks e.g. cleaning tips

And finally.....

* 41. Do you have any suggestions for Mumsnet?
e.g. How Mumsnet could be improved?  Do you think Mumsnet is user-friendly? If not, how could this be improved?  Are there any other content pages - in other words, pages compiled by MNHQ - that you'd like to see? Have you had any problems contacting MNHQ?

* 42. Are there any other brands or products you'd like to see working with Mumsnet, or advertising on the site?
What are your favourite brands? This could include product tests, discounts and other promotional activity, as well as adverts.

* 43. If you had to describe Mumsnet in a nutshell, what would you say?
Please use a maximum of 100 words.

* 44. Please add your details below to be entered into the prize draws!

Thanks and good luck!