* 1. How many people do you employ?

* 2. Select the sector which best represents the nature of your business:

* 3. What is the turnover of the business?

* 4. In which region is your head office?

* 5. Which is the oldest generation of the family currently working in the business?

* 6. Are you optimistic about the forthcoming year for your family business?

* 7. Is the current managing director/CEO?

  Yes No
A family member
A woman
Planning to step down in the next 5 years

* 8. Help us to determine the UK family business agenda.  To what extent do you see the following as a challenge for your family firm in the next 12 months?

  Of No Concern At All A Minor Concern On The Agenda A Key Issue A Significant Challenge
The Economic Climate
Regulation, Legislation & Red Tape
Changes In Leadership & Policies In The USA
Succession Planning
Recruiting, Retaining & Motivating Staff
Political Uncertainty In Scotland
Engaging & Developing The Next Generation
Developing An International Presence
Identifying & Maintaining Family Values
Extracting Value From The Business
Developing Effective Marketing, PR & Communication Strategies
Effectively Engaging On Social Media
Balancing The Needs Of The Family & The Business
Valuing The Business
Managing Disputes & Disagreements
Improving Shareholder Communications
Developing Effective Governance 
Identifying & Developing Future Leaders
Access To Finance
Managing Brand & Reputational Risk
Bringing In External Investors
Dividend & Remuneration Planning
Strategic Planning
Preserving Wealth
Dealing With Sibling Rivalry
Creating A Legacy
Building The Value Of The Business
Selling The Family Business
Becoming Effective Stewards For Future Generations
Innovation & Keeping The Business Current
Retirement & Planning For Later Life
Managing A Growing Shareholder Base

* 9. What do you see as the single biggest challenge for your family business going forward and why?

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