Welcome to the 2017 SCTP Membership Survey!

SCTP would be very grateful if you would take a few moments to complete this survey. The purpose of the survey is to find out the views of the SCTP membership about SCTP services. Please be honest we really want to know what you think! This will enable us to review and improve the way in which SCTP supports its members. Many thanks!

1. How would you rate the overall service provided by SCTP to your organisation?

2. Which SCTP services have been MOST useful to you during the past year?

3. Which SCTP services have been LEAST useful to you during the past year?

4. Regarding the SCTP website please state which of the following pages have been most useful to you in the past year?

5. In the current climate we need your help even more to make sure that we support our members as effectively as possible. Please tell us how SCTP could be of greatest benefit to your organisation now and over the next two years?

6. Any other comments or suggestions that you would like to add?

7. Please enter your name and organisation

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Your views are greatly valued and all comments will be taken into account and help us in the formulation of SCTP's strategic and operational plans. The aggregated (anonymised) results will be presented at a future SCTP members meeting.