Since the publication of the National Strategy on Children and Young People’s Participation in Decision Making (2015-2020), there has been a growing demand for examples of good practice in giving children and young people a meaningful voice in decision-making. The Department of  Children, Equality, Disability,  Integration and  Youth (DCEDIY) and Hub na nÓg commissioned a study to bring together the national and international evidence on ways of effectively involving children and young people in decision-making.

This aim is to identify initiatives/practice that have resulted in meaningful involvement of children and young people in policy, practice and services. A selection of initiatives/practice will be developed into mini case studies to be showcased on the Hub na nÓg website. 
What types of initiatives/practice?
We are seeking examples of initiatives or practice with children or young people in different settings such as  early years services, education settings, youth services, youth justice services, health services, social services, sports clubs etc. Such activities may be undertaken as part of:
planning: consultations undertaken to involve children and young people as part of developing policies, plans, services, governance, research and legislation at national, local or organisational level

consultations undertaken as part of formal self-evaluation, feedback, or external evaluation of policies, plans, services, governance, research and legislation. 

informal ‘everyday’ work
:  giving children and young people a voice in decision making in everyday situations and activities e.g. classrooms, early years, youth projects, clubs, arts and creative activities and other everyday spaces.  

Who should complete the survey?
We are asking for the lead person involved in the initiative/practice to complete the survey which should take approx. 20 mins for each example. For further information on the project please click here or email