Welcome to the 2019 Club Inclusion and Accessibility Survey

The Bowls Development Alliance, Bowls England, English Indoor Bowling Association, Disability Bowls England and Activity Alliance are working hard to provide clubs with enough support and guidance to ensure they have the capacity to provide access to their facilities and activities for all their current and future members, regardless of ability or personal circumstances.

Nationally, 43% of people over the age of 65 have reported to have at least one impairment, with the percentage increasing to 75% for those over the age of 80. Considering the age group of most people who play bowls, we expect a significant number of club members to have a health condition that would affect their bowling, although it might not necessarily be considered as a disability.

It is essential for us to get an understanding of the most common challenges in order to know how best to support clubs. That is why, we are asking clubs to complete this survey, to help us find out the biggest and most common challenges you are facing. If your club does not hold sufficient information to complete the survey, we would ask you to provide us with an educated estimate based on your best knowledge of your current facilities and membership.