* 1. How often do you buy a copy of Let’s Knit magazine?

* 2. How long have you been a reader of Let’s Knit?

* 3. How do you rate the content of Let’s Knit magazine?

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
News pages
Reader Interaction
The free gift
Product reviews
Designer Profiles

* 4. How do you feel the content of Let’s Knit could be improved?

  Like to see more of Like to see less of Just right
Garment patterns
Quick knits
Baby knit
Homeware patterns
Toy patterns
Sock patterns
Accessory patterns
Crochet patterns
News pages
Readers’ Letters
The free gift
Product reviews

* 5. Have you ever learned a new technique from a Let’s Knit tutorial or feature?

* 6. What influences your decision to buy Let’s Knit?

* 7. How would you rate Let’s Knit’s value for money?

* 8. How often do you visit the Let’s Knit website to view...?

  Never Occasionally Regularly
Free patterns
Blog posts

* 9. Do you receive our Let’s Knit email newsletter?

* 10. Do you follow Let’s Knit on any social media accounts?

* 11. How do you rate the free gifts that come with Let’s Knit?

* 12. Would you like to see more crochet in Let’s Knit?

* 13. What would you like to see as a cover gift on a future issue of Let’s Knit? tick all that apply

* 14. What would encourage you to subscribe to Let’s Knit? (tick one)

* 15. Do you like the speciality yarns in our kits?

* 16. If you are an existing subscriber what was the main reason you subscribed?

* 17. How often do you buy the recommended yarn from the stockist given in Let’s Knit?

* 18. Have you ever bought a product after seeing it in Let’s Knit?