You can sign up here to be allocated a Buddy from your faculty

Welcome to 'ALSS' the faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences
We run a Buddy scheme especially for new ALSS students like yourself, where current 2nd and 3rd year students from your department have been trained to 'mentor' new incoming students in their first semester.
These students have already been through what you are about to experience - as a new Anglia Ruskin student - and are best placed to help you find your way around, advise you on student life and how to make the most of your time at uni. Your Buddy will be there for you and help you settle in, or simply provide some practical advice if you don't know who else to ask. There will be opportunity to meet up with your Buddy on campus in Welcome week. they are all really friendly and great people to get to know.
We try to match up students on the same course, as far as possible, or at least in the same department, we also look at interests and other information you provide below.
All students who participate need to be aware that this is not an academic mentoring scheme, although Buddies can give advice on best practice. We also expect all participants to be respectful to each other during the mentoring scheme and many stay friends beyond the time of the scheme. Students who have participated in the past have found that it has made a real difference to their start here and a number of them have since trained to become buddies themselves.

So sign up now and your Buddy should be in touch before you arrive, to say hello and welcome you to Anglia Ruskin University!
Best wishes,
Karen Sturt
Faculty Student Experience & Events Co-ordinator, ALSS

Tell us about yourself  

* 1. Which campus will you be attending?

* 2. Which course are you starting?

* 3. What are your interests/ hobbies? you may state more than one.

* 4. Your accommodation: will you be?

* 5. Are you planning to join any of our clubs or societies? If so, what kind of activities are you interested in? (Answer optional)

* 6.

Why would you like a Buddy?

Examples: to have a point of contact before arriving at Anglia Ruskin, help find my way around, gain insight on fun things to do locally, meet a fellow student who can answer my questions about university life etc. (write as much as you like)


* 7. Would you prefer your Buddy to be

Nearly finished, now we just need your contact details 

* 8.

Please provide your personal email address***

* 9. Please provide your student email e.g.

* 10.

Student ID number

(This can be found on most letters received from Anglia Ruskin. The number consists of 7 numbers and will most probably start with a 1)

* 11. Hold old are you?

* 12. First name

* 13. Surname

* 14. Where is 'home'? (Country, town of origin)

*** Please note: personal emails will not be passed to Buddies, Buddies will contact you via your Anglia student email address.
Thank you for signing up and we will email you soon with all further details.
For any Buddy Scheme queries, please contact us at