If you could affordably hire an electric bike or an adapted bike, would this make cycling more accessible and enjoyable for you or a member of  your family?

An electric bike provides a boost of power as you are pedaling.  An adapted bike may be hand powered or a trike or a tandem for example. These adapted bikes make cycling accessible for people with, for example, visual impairments, difficulties balancing or other disabilities.

Making these bikes publicly available would require a considerable investment to buy, maintain and operate and so Aberdeenshire Council and its partners wish to gauge public interest before pursuing a funding bid.  

If  you think you may be interested in hiring electric bikes or adapted bikes to make cycling a more accessible activity for you, or a member of your family,  then we would be very grateful if you could complete our survey.

* 1. What is your cycling experience to date? (or that of the family member you are completing this on behalf of)

* 2. If you (or your family member) do not cycle regularly, what prevents this?

* 3. How far would you be willing and able to travel to a place where you could hire an e-bike or an adapted bike?

* 4. How much would  you be prepared to pay to hire an e-bike or an adapted bike?

* 5. If there were a membership scheme which offered you cheaper bike hire would you be likely to join?

* 6. How frequently do you think you may wish to hire an e-bike or adapted bike?

* 7. What would motivate you to hire an e-bike or adapted bike?  Please select your top three motivations

* 8. It may be possible to offer group cycle rides led by a qualified Ride Leader.  Do you think this is something that might appeal?

* 9. Are you aware of the National Cycle Network routes near you?

* 10. How important are the following to you when choosing a route to cycle?

  very important important not very important not important at all
that it is relatively flat
that it is not on roads shared with vehicles
that it is a circular route
that there is a convenient stop for refreshments en route
that there is somewhere to visit for another activity en route
that there is a leaflet available detailing the route
that I had someone to cycle with 
that there was public transport to the start/finish place
that there was car parking at the start/finish place

* 11. What is  your nearest town?

* 12. What age group are you in?

* 13. Do you consider yourself (or your family member) to have a disability?

* 14. Are you?