Is your business broadband up to the job?
Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce are asking businesses in our district to complete a survey on their broadband and connectivity, the survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete and the results will be collated to determine were the issues lie within our area so we can try and lobby for change.

* 2. Please provide your Postcode

* 5. How would you describe your current Broadband Speed?

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Range of Choice of Supplier

* 6. What is your current Broadband speed? Speed test input results - Click to speed check

* 7. What is the maximum number of internet users at any one time?

* 8. Is the growth potential of your business currently limited by the availability of faster Broadband?
Please summarise your particular difficulties:

* 9. If available, how soon would you upgrade to Superfast Broadband?

* 10. Would you be prepared to make a generic (Non-supplier specific) commitment to buy a service if that increased the prospects of investment in Broadband?

* 11. Any other comments relating to your current Broadband?

* 12. If you would like a copy of the results, please supply your contact information