1. Manufacturing Barometer Survey

Welcome to The Manufacturing Barometer
Summer 2017
The Manufacturing Barometer is a quarterly survey, which maps confidence, trends and opinions within the manufacturing sector. The findings, collated from opinions of senior decision makers are used to help lobby Government to support manufacturers, ensuring they have necessary support to operate sustainable businesses and grow. 

Each quarter, the survey has a 'special focus' section, relating to current news or activities within the sector/economy.  This quarter, the special focus will look at 'Brexit - The impact on your business'.

This survey should take around 15 minutes of your time – perfect for a coffee break!

We value your opinions and thank you in advance for your time and input.  Once the survey has closed and the data analysed, you will receive the findings in a report detailing regional and national views of the sector.

=== Data Protection Statement ===
The Manufacturing Barometer Survey is conducted by SWMAS, part of the Exelin Group Ltd.
Exelin Group Ltd. regards the lawful and correct treatment of personal information as very important and is fully committed to the principles of data protection, as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.
The information provided will be used by Exelin Group Ltd. and our partners to understand and evaluate the experiences of manufacturers in England or to market our services to you. 
No information provided will be publicly attributed to the person or company who submitted it without their explicit consent being obtained in advance.
Data that is not attributable to you or your company may be shared with other organisations, such as the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Exelin Group Ltd may use information, such as your email address, to get in touch with you in the future.
If you have any queries or concerns about this process, or you wish to request any personal information held by us, please contact info@swmas.co.uk 
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