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Project outline

The purpose of this survey and associated research is to map and document the holdings of Brendel botanical models worldwide. Data will be used to build a webpage dedicated to linking these collections in the form of an interactive online map. A brief overview of each collection will be provided, along with links to associated publications, available databases, and online images.

Over time this mapping exercise will enable the creation of a fully-imaged inventory of the entire Brendel catalogue, available for consultation. This will include photographs of models in their assembled and dismantled states. Subtle variations in the hand-crafted models will also be revealed by viewing comparative examples of the same species.

The collated information will:

- aide consolidation of individual component model parts
- help with the identification of unlabelled models
- provide reference for assemblage
- support further research into Brendel plant models

The objective of this research project is to not only to provide a useful resource to be used in the curation of anatomical models, but to document their past and present use - promoting and bringing awareness of these collections to new audiences.

Donna Young

Curator of Herbarium, National Museums Liverpool


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