We are constantly looking to improve our services at Kingston Marine Boatyard and the best people to tell us how we are doing are you, our customers. Could we please ask you to take a couple of minutes to let us know about your most recent experience here.

* 1. At the time of booking:

  Yes No
We were easy to contact
We were able to fulfil all your requirements
We clearly explained service options and costs

* 2. About our staff:

  Yes No
Staff were professional
Staff were knowledgeable
Staff were courteous

* 3. About our facilities:

  Poor Acceptable Good Very Good Excellent N/A
Electricity and water supplies
Waste disposal arrangements
Toilets and showers

* 4. About our services:

  Poor Acceptable Good Very Good Excellent N/A
Boat handling
Maintenance services
Yard's overall performance

* 5. Value for money:

  Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent N/A
Yard charges
Yard maintenance services
Overall yard value for money

* 6. What could we do to improve your experience next time you come to the Boatyard?

* 7. What other services would you like to see available at the Boatyard?

* 8. Will you be returning to use the Boatyard again?

* 9. How likely is it that you would recommend Kingston Marine Boatyard to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely

* 10. If you would like us to contact you about your feedback, please leave your contact details.