Welcome to the ultimate survey of toilets on boats on UK Inland Waterways.

If you own a boat or a share in a boat, are planning to buy a boat, or have a new one built, take holidays on boat and dream of owning one, one day... then this survey is for you! It is just for those on UK Inland Waterways. As soon as it launched I realised that there boaters on coastal waters and all over Europe who would like to contribute - I'm sorry I couldn't manage to cover all those eventualities in this survey. I hope you will still be interested to read the findings later in the year.
I am Kate Saffin, a liveaboard boater since 1999; a former nurse and researcher in public health and now a writer and performer on the waterways. And I know how boaters love discussing toilets...

Boat bathrooms used to be easy - cassette or pump out toilet and to put in it, Blue or...well, Blue. Now there are new toilet options: composting and incinerating; and new additives, Green Blue, brewer's yeast and bio washing liquid. And, with the ever increasing number of boats on the system the question of whether there are enough of the right facilities and in the right places.

The aim of this survey is to get a good picture of the current state of loos on boats and answer some of the commonly asked questions?

  • Is there a favourite in the toilet stakes?
  • What additive seems to work best in cassettes and pump outs?
  • Are composters composting?
  • Is incinerating a viable option for boats?

It's also an opportunity to get some good data to use in campaigning for more and better services, so:
  • Are more places charging to empty cassettes?
  • What is the current going rate for a pump out?
  • Where are the gaps in disposal facilities?
  • What do we need more of?  
  • And where do we need it?

The survey is completely independent and self funded
: I have no financial links or other interests in any businesses involved in toilets (of any kind!). It has been thoroughly tested by a panel of 65 boaters. And there will still be a question or option we haven't included, so there are lots of comments boxes for you to add anything you think we've missed.

It's completely anonymous: there are no questions that will identify you - so I hope you will be completely honest.

It will take you around 20-25  minutes to complete: depending on the type of toilet you have. The questions will ask about the toilet you currently have on your boat or are planning/would like on a future boat. 

To help make the survey relevant to your type of boat toilet there are a few questions that you must answer - to lead you to the right sections. These are marked with an asterisk (*). Everything else you can choose whether you answer or not. But I hope you will because the answers are going to add up to a great overview of bogs on boats and identify gaps in facilities. And the bigger the response the better a chance we have of influencing the provision of facilities.

Thank you



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* 1. You can get stuck straight in or you can read more about the background and process. Would you like more information before you start?