Brief Introduction
Thank you for sparing a few minutes to take this survey. As a subscriber to you are probably either an existing boat owner, or you hope to join the happy band in the near future. Whichever category you fall into, your thoughts are very welcome.

I intend to offer a subscription based service for aspiring boat owners. My site contains a huge amount of information. Sometimes I think there is actually too much information there. There are a bewildering number of options for boat buyers to consider and choices to make. Not every boat buyer gets them right.

I will help guide buyers through the boating maze. I'll help them with any aspect of the process they need assistance with. I want to make sure that I have all the bases covered, so I need your help.

As an existing boat owner, what challenges did you face when buying your boat? What would have helped you save money and/or make a better decision?

As an aspiring boat owner, what aspects of the boat buying process cause you most concern? Where do you think you need help.

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