Bidford-on-Avon Parish Council and independent town centre specialist company People and Places Insight Limited are conducting research work on the potential for commercial development in Bidford village centre. The research work is based upon the findings from the Neighbourhood Development Plan and the 2016 Parish Council Business Development Working Group study. Both reports highlighted that there is support for the development of further business activity in the village centre.

The Royal British Legion site is expected to be put on the market very soon, and developers are looking at possible plans for it. So that we can encourage a development that is in the best interests of the village, the Parish Council and People and Places Insight Limited would be extremely grateful if we could gather your views and opinions, as a resident/ village centre user/ potential village centre user on any potential development type – for example residential; a mix of residential/retail/commercial or other uses.

The information gathered will be included in a feasibility report, which will be produced by People and Places Insight Limited. The overall consultation will include engagement with businesses based in the village centre, on the outskirts of the village centre and those business based from home. Village Centre users and non-users will also be consulted via face to face, paper based and this online survey. If you have any questions or queries before completing the surveys, please contact Mike King, Director on 07788 286337 or

Yours sincerely

Mike King, People and Places Insight Limited Director