Thank you for your interest in buying shares to fund the purchase, renovation and reopening of the Blue Bell in Stoke Ferry as a pub and community hub. 

You will be buying shares in Stoke Ferry Community Enterprise Limited (the Society), a Community Benefit Society that has been set up to be a transparent and accountable means of delivering this project. The Society is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority with No. 8415

If you have not already done so, you will need to send payment for the shares as well as this application form. There are instructions at the end of this form.

Before you apply, you should read the share prospectus and business plan. These are on our website

This share offer closes on 31st January 2021.

Your application will only take a moment, so let's get started!

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* 1. Please provide full contact details

Shares are £50 each. You can buy any number of shares from one to 600

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* 2. How many shares would you like to buy?

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* 3. What is the total amount of investment (number of shares  x £50)

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* 4. Please confirm the following by ticking the boxes.

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* 5. How are you paying for the shares?

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* 6. Looking after your data is something we take very seriously.  Please check both the boxes below so that we can stay in touch.

It's official!  You are a community hero! 

Thank you so much for your application. We will keep you updated on the progress of our campaign and share offer, which closes on 31 January, 2021.

When we can confirm that we have reached our target, you will get your share certificate. If we fail to reach our target, you will get your money back minus any bank charges incurred. 

If you want to hold shares on behalf of children or nominate to whom you wish your shares to be transferred on your death, you will need to download and complete this form

You will hear from us very soon! But why not follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and help get the word out?
Thank you for helping us Ring The Blue Bell again.

Stephen Ward
Stoke Ferry Community Enterprise Limited