Diocesan Consultation

This online questionnaire is designed for any person or group to make their views known to the group that draws up the Diocese's "Statement of Needs" for the next Bishop of Bristol. 

The Bishop leads the Church of England in the Diocese of Bristol (the area that includes Bristol, most of South Glos and North Wiltshire, and Swindon), is a community leader across the area and has a role in the Church of England nationally.

We want to hear from as broad and diverse a group as possible who have an interest in this role. You are encouraged to respond either personally or gather a group together to pray and discuss. There are also other ways you can pray and get involved including attending meetings in late September and early October around the Diocese which will go into more depth. Find out more here
We are particularly keen to know what impact you want the Bishop to make and the qualities you believe the Bishop should have. 
Please complete this as soon as you are able and by 22 October at the latest.

* 1. Name (title, first name, surname)

* 2. Group / church / organisation

* 3. Role within group / church / organisation (if appropriate)

* 4. Are you responding

* 5. How many people were involved in the discussion that informed this response? (skip if answering in a personal capacity)

* 6. What impact do you want the next Bishop of Bristol to make to the Diocese as a whole? (specify up to three individual points)

* 7. Which of Bishop Mike Hill's qualities do you think the Diocese needs for the future?

* 8. What other qualities do you think the next Bishop of Bristol will need?