Beyond Bea Charity works to raise awareness about baby loss and educate students and health care professionals. We provide online and face to face sessions across the UK and host an annual baby loss conference.

You can find more about the charity via our website as well as across our social media.


This role is only suitable for undergraduate students, we may expand to include Access students in the future.

To apply you MUST have attended a Beyond Bea face to face study day OR online training session.

Please show us your passion in your application!

Volunteer Role: Student Ambassador

Main Objective:

·        To raise awareness of the work of Beyond Bea, the issues Beyond Bea advocates for, and the wider cause of baby loss and bereavement support amongst your cohort, peer group, mentors, lecturers and university. 

Secondary Objectives:

·        Promote (and support on) Beyond Bea study days at your university and any at local trusts where possible. 
·        Co-ordinate merchandise sales amongst your cohort and university (reward scheme outlined below).
·        Promote Beyond Bea Charity and the wider cause of baby loss awareness and bereavement care on your social media platforms.  

Reporting to: The Trustee Board and nominated Student Ambassador Lead(s)

With a strong commitment to the vision of the charity and a passion for improving knowledge and awareness of bereavement care within your university and local trusts, you will have a willingness and enthusiasm to devote the required time and effort to the role of Student Ambassador. 

Support & Training:

·        To be a Beyond Bea Student Ambassador, you must have attended a Beyond Bea study day or Zoom training session.
·        We are keen to work with Student Ambassadors who have a particular interest in, and passion for, improving bereavement care. We will support you in furthering this interest and developing this passion wherever possible.    

Time Commitment:

·        Control of your own commitment levels in terms of merchandise sales and promotion of Beyond Bea.

·        Reward scheme designed to benefit additional effort. 

·        Willingness to use your own social media platforms to support the work of Beyond Bea. 

We are seeking one Student Ambassador for each discipline (Midwifery, Children's Nursing, etc) per university. It is expected that Student Ambassadors in different disciplines within the same university will collaborate where possible to achieve the maximum impact. It is hoped that as you approach the end of your degree that you will help to identify a successor and assist with bringing them up to speed to take over from you in the role. 

Personal benefits to you:

·        Reward scheme for merchandise sales - you will be given your own unique code that you can share with your university and local area contacts (NOT to be shared on social media) that will allow people to receive a discount on their orders from the Beyond Bea shop. For every £100 of merchandise sales received via your code, you will receive a £5 store credit for the Beyond Bea shop for yourself (these will be valid for 12 months, so can be stored up and cashed in together for a higher-value item). For each £500, that credit will be worth £10. So for example, if £500 of merchandise is purchased using your code you will receive £30 of Beyond Bea store credits. 

·        Priority booking access for study days in your area before the study days are put on general release (this access can be shared with your friends and contacts).

·        Opportunity for volunteering experience and greater insight into this aspect of care to improve your portfolio an

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