This survey is about a consultation that Bedelsford School is undertaking to formally change the planned pupil numbers stated in the school’s funding agreement that it holds with the Department for Education (DfE).

Bedelsford School is an outstanding school and over the last four years has met the need of additional children across existing year groups by adapting its buildings to increase its overall teaching space. As a result of this incremental increase, the pupil roll is now 120 which is an additional 30 places above the current funding agreement of 90.

Achieving for Children (AfC) which provides children's services for Kingston and Richmond local authorities has confirmed the need to make permanent the incremental expansion that has been available over the last few years. This is due to the increasing number of pupils requiring specialist education of the kind provided by Bedelsford School.

The proposal therefore is to make permanent this incremental increase within the school’s funding agreement by amending the planned places from 90 to 120.

As Bedelsford School is an academy, the proposal to increase the planned places in the funding agreement would need to be approved by the DfE, and we are therefore seeking the views of parents and other interested parties in order to inform the DfE’s decision-making process to effect this change.

A consultation on the proposal will run from Wednesday 6 January 2021 to Tuesday 2 February 2021.   A virtual public meeting will be held at 4pm on Thursday 28 January 2021. Please confirm via email to if you wish to attend.

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* 1. More special school places are needed for children and young people with SEN in Kingston and Richmond

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* 2. More local provision reduces the need for longer journeys and helps children and young people to play a more active role in their home community

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* 3. I am in agreement with the proposal to increase the overall number in Bedelsford School’s Funding Agreement

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* 4. Please tick one of the following; I am a:

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* 5. Do you have any other comments about this proposal?

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