1. Introduction

IMPORTANT NOTICE: although this survey contains 54 questions in total, no-one has to complete all 54! The logic in the survey will guide you to the correct sections for your response and you will only have to answer around 15 questions.

The words "Diversity, Equality and Inclusion" engender a wide variety of responses from recruiters and their candidates.  Many people believe that it is right to measure the strength and depth of an organisation's commitment to diversity as this will help ensure fairness in recruitment, while others see the collection of data about them as an unwarranted intrusion into their own personal lives and believe that such initiatives are driven primarily by virtue signalling and a new 'woke' ideology.  We hold no brief for either view, but simply want to collect as many responses as possible from across the IT world, in order to see what the industry tells us about this subject.

There are three parts to this study. Firstly, we want, briefly, to revisit our 2017 survey of sexism in IT, to see if anything has changed since then (because that survey only compared men and women's views, we have not included gender neutral views this time so we can make a direct comparison with 2017).  Secondly, we want to find out respondents' views on a wide range of diversity and inclusion issues, for men, women and gender neutral respondents.  Finally, we want, again briefly, to find out respondents' views on one area of discrimination that we think tends to be ignored: namely age discrimination.

As in previous years, this study is being carried out by an independent third party, thePotentMix.  All responses are, of course, anonymous.
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