Air Pollution in Bath

* 1. Are you aware that air pollution is a problem in Bath?

* 2. Have you attended a public engagement event?

* 3. Are you concerned about air pollution in Bath?

* 4. Do you understand why a Charging Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is needed in Bath?

* 5. In principle, do you support a Charging CAZ in Bath?

* 6. What do you see as the biggest benefit/opportunity of implementing a Charging CAZ?

* 7. What do you see as the biggest concern or challenge to implementing a Charging CAZ?

* 8. Any further comments on the Charging CAZ

* 9. The proposed complementary non-charging measures that work with the Charging CAZ are listed below. Please indicate your support for the measures.

  Strongly Disagree Don't Support Neutral Support Strongly Support
Provide additional cycle parking across the city centre
Extend walking and cycling priority schemes
Implement reduced residents’ parking permit cost for low emission vehicles
Promote low emission vehicles for Hackney carriages/private hire
Implement public transport route improvements
Use Variable Message Signs to promote air quality improvement messages
Increase the usage of Variable Message Signs to provide information about parking
Targeted traffic management or improved bus priority on A367 Wells Road
Sunset period to exempt Euro 5 diesel vehicles to enable longer for upgrades
Make the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the bus lane on London Road permanent
Introduce electric cycle hire to the city
Pilot car sharing priority parking areas
Expansion of car club network in Bath
General Feedback

* 10. Please indicate which of the following (if any) apply to you:

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