Welcome to the consultation on the Draft Bath Air Quality Action Plan

Levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in parts of Bath exceed the national air quality objectives.

This Draft Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) has been produced as part of our statutory duties required by the Local Air Quality Management framework.   It outlines a number of possible actions to improve air quality in Bath, by 2022. In developing this consultation document we have worked with a number of community groups who have input to this draft.

Bath Air Quality Management Area.

Bath Air Quality Management Area.
We are now seeking your views and ideas on possible measures to improve air quality in Bath.  The survey lists a wide range of options and measures in different sections - please indicate which you strongly support in the survey on the following pages.

Air pollution is associated with a number of adverse health impacts. It is recognised as a contributing factor in the onset of heart disease and cancer. Additionally, air pollution particularly affects the most vulnerable in society: children and older people, and those with heart and lung conditions.

Over 90% of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions in Bath are from road traffic. 

The NO2 that we measure at the roadside is from these NOx emissions and a chemical reaction that occurs after leaving the exhaust pipe.

The amount each vehicle type contributes to NOx emissions in selected areas is estimated below in the source apportionment illustration.  This emissions work will be revisited during the consultation period to establish more up to date values.

Engine emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by vehicle type.

Engine emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by vehicle type.
The action plan document and actions listed in the pages below, sets out a wide range of suggestions for improving air quality - many contributed by the community groups we worked with to produce this draft plan.

For more detail, please read the full draft Air Quality Action Plan here: www.bathnes.gov.uk/airquality

If you require a paper copy of the proposed actions, please email environmental_monitoring@bathnes.gov.uk or phone 01225 396517.

The actions are categorized as follows:
- actions in existing strategies; and
- aspirational actions.

Many of the options listed in the survey are not funded - particularly the aspirational actions.  The final action plan however, will influence other corporate schemes and will be the basis on which we bid for money to help deliver the options.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and Department for Transport published their ‘UK plan for tackling roadside nitrogen dioxide concentrations’ on 26th July 2017. The content of this plan takes into account that for the first time, Bath and North East Somerset is listed as an authority upon which the Government has placed legal duties on to ‘develop and implement a plan designed to deliver compliance in the shortest time possible’. This plan may include a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) or other measures if they can deliver compliance as quickly as a CAZ.

The deadline for consultation responses is midnight on Friday 24th November 2017.  The final Bath Air Quality Action Plan will be developed and implemented in co-ordination with the UK Plan. This requires an initial plan by the end of March 2018 and a final plan by the end of 2018.

You are also invited to any of the following drop-in events to discuss potential measures of the action plan with officers:
- 2pm-5pm Tuesday 10th October, New Oriel Hall (main hall), Larkhall;
- Friday 13th October, Bath City Conference, Guildhall (exhibit and workshop)
- 1pm-4pm Wednesday 18th October, Twerton Village Hall.

Scroll down for your opportunity to score and comment on the proposed actions.

Thank you for your time.

Environmental Monitoring Team
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