The council is currently consulting on its draft Long Term Transport Strategy. The strategy is part of Barnet Council’s wider strategy to create a prosperous, inclusive and healthy future for the borough. It sets out a vision for transport in Barnet and a roadmap for achieving this vision, supporting other council policies such as the Growth Strategy, the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and the Local Plan. This strategy:

•    articulates the vision for transport in Barnet to 2041
•    proposes possible proposals to achieve the vision
•    provides an evidence base for this strategy.

Further information on the strategy is provided within this questionnaire; which is structured in three parts: (i) vision and objectives, (ii) schemes by mode of transport, (iii) questions about you, so we ensure that we consider feedback from all stakeholders and communities.

You can view the full draft Transport Strategy by clicking here, and the summary Consultation Document here.

The questionnaire will take up to 15 minutes to complete the multiple-choice questions.  In addition, we’ve included some open-ended comment boxes should you wish to provide more specific or detailed feedback.

Thank you for your time – your participation in this important consultation is greatly appreciated.

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