Welcome to the Baringa Partners Vulnerable Customer Maturity Assessment Tool

We are passionate about helping organisations provide vulnerable customers with positive, fair and inclusive experiences. This self-assessment will support you in understanding how advanced your organisation is in putting the needs of vulnerable customers at the heart of your business.

The data we collect as part of this survey will be collected according to our privacy policy. Please consent to the two questions on the next page so that we can analyse your data to give you meaningful results. Any information including your results will be anonymised if we choose to publish them.

The assessment takes around 15 minutes to complete and consists of 30 multiple choice questions. You are able to select not applicable should you feel that this question is not relevant to your organisation and this will remove the question from your results.

If you have any questions or feedback about this survey please contact our Vulnerable Customer team at vulnerablecustomers@baringa.com

Thank you.
Vulnerable Customer team, Baringa Partners LLP

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