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Your thoughts...

Firstly we wish you well during these strange times and thank you for taking some time to feed into our planning.
We will need to work in new ways now and for the foreseeable future.
During the past few weeks we have completely redesigned all our systems to help respond to the COVID situation.  We have also set up our Kingfisher Branch as the Hot Site to support everyone in Sompting and Lancing.
In this time we have had to pause most of our usual services to allow us to focus our resources on those who are very unwell.  
We now need to start to rebuild our services - but in new ways that will allow us to work sustainably within ongoing restrictions and limitations due to COVID. This will be our new normal.
What we have done differently thus far: 
  • All calls are screened by reception then by a clinical staff member
  • Telephone consultations
  • Video consultations
  • eConsultations (for non-urgent matters)
Some of these changes have been very well received and we would like to build upon this success in future.

We realise that not everyone can access digital services - but we hope that if everyone who is digitally enabled accesses us online this will help us have more capacity to support those without internet and mobile access.  

Examples of services where we have to think differently about how we work in future...
  • Before a Blood Test was about 5 minutes - now it is about 20 minutes to allow for PPE and cleaning in between patients
  • An appointment for Blood Pressure was 5-10 minutes - now not able to be done due without PPE and takes about 20 mins
  • We have very small buildings that were often crowded - we have to think about how we space the timing of appointments and who can attend appointments face-to-face in future
We need your thoughts about how we can provide services in future given such constraints...

Ball Tree's Priorities
  • Ensuring those in need of care can access our services in the appropriate timescale.
  • Ensuring we look out for the most vulnerable in our community
    Ensuring safety for you and our staff at the surgery and this includes adequate spacing in waiting areas and time for cleaning
  • Providing continuity of care where needed and possible
    Making sure our service is sustainable, this may mean doing less of some things to ensure we continue to do the most essential..
  • Using technology where possible with those that can use it , freeing up space to support those that cannot
Ball Tree will continue to work within the same spaces and with the same staff but we will need to be responsive to COVID requirements and some services and systems will evolve.
If you have not already done so - we recommend downloading the MyGP App and the NHS App.  Also explore our new eConsult option via the front page of our website

We remind you to only come to the surgery if you have had an appointment agreed by a clinician.  For the timebeing we are only able to allow access after we have made an agreement.  We suggest you wear a facemask and ensure you keep to social distancing whilst waiting outside the surgery.

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