We are in the process of reviewing our curriculum at Portobello High School so that we can improve how we support our learners.  Our first stage has been to look at how many subjects pupils study in S4.  Before we finalise our decision, we would like to invite further comment.
 In summary, we are proposing to reduce the number of subjects studied by most S4 pupils from 8 to 7 subjects.  This change will affect pupils from the current S2 onwards. The rationale, the detailed proposal and a 'Frequently Asked Questions' document are available on the school website (Curriculum Review Webpage).
In summary, the key benefits we identify from the proposed change are:
  • Increased range of pathways for pupils in S4, S5 and S6 (ie, a better range of courses available to pupils)
  • Increased opportunity for pupils to prepare for a wider range of opportunities in future employment, training or study
  • Increase in the overall number of Higher qualifications gained across S5 and S6
  • Improved sustained positive destinations for our pupils (i.e. they move on to a job, training or education that is well suited for them and for which they are well prepared)

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