PR Lettings & Management - Existing Landlords Survey

To help PR Lettings & Management improve its services we are interested to understand more about our Landlords requirements and how you perceive our services. To help us do this please answer the following questions which should only take a few minutes of your time. As usual we are more than happy to speak to you in person, over the phone or via email if you have any additional feedback to any of us. Thanks in advance! 

* 1. How long have you been a Landlord for?

* 2. What made you become a Landlord?

* 3. Which source of information do you find most helpful when choosing a Letting Agent?

* 4. Are you satisfied, dissatisfied, or neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with PR Lettings & Management?

* 5. How likely are you to recommend PR Lettings & Management to others?

* 6. How important are the following when choosing a Letting Agent?

  Not important at all Slightly important Important Somewhat important Extremely important
Opening hours
Having a branch/shop
Internet presence
Landlord charges
Tenant charges
Word of mouth / recommendation
Friendliness of staff
Knowledge & helpfulness of staff

* 7. Please provide any further feedback you have about PR Lettings & Management:

* 8. If you are willing to leave some kind comments to go on our testimonials page please do so in the box below:

* 9. If willing, please provide your name: