* 1. This form is in place of the parental consent form to be used only by fencers who are over 18 on the date they are competing.

Please confirm you will be over 18 on the date of your event at the 2017 British Youth Championships

* 2. What is your name?

* 3. In which event(s) are you competing at the 2017 BYCs?

* 4. Please provide an emergency contact name and number for you during the event (please do not use your own details)

* 5. Please list any information about you that the organisers should be aware of (e.g. medical problems, injuries, allergies, hearing problems etc)

* 6. I accept that neither the Organisers nor British Fencing can be held responsible for any accident, loss or damage sustained at the Championships.

I understand that all persons wishing to take photographs or videos at these events must register their name, address and telephone number with the organiser at the event. I must also notify the organisers of the event if myself or my child wishes to withhold their permission to be photographed in close-up, but realise that it is impracticable to prevent general photographs from including my child.

I wil ensure that I am familiar with the British Fencing code of conduct which can be found at http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/bf_code_of_conduct_jan_2015.pdf