Freedom of Information Request

T-Impact Ltd are surveying every local Authority in England, Scotland and Wales to understand if, and how you are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, seeking to discover if Authorities are realising the benefits to enable better public services for less cost.

When you have completed the survey, T-Impact we will send you both a summary of the survey and we will make available a "hard copy" of your  responses so that you might publish this data for future FOIR inquiries. 

This Freedom of Information request in the form of an online survey that should take less than twenty minutes to complete.

We sincerely hope using this form will help to satisfy this request with the least amount of effort. 

The surveys also allow the Council to input the statutory paragraphs required whether or not the Council holds the information, how to submit and internal review, complain etc.

T-Impact LTD seeks to help local governments tackle the challenges of automating essentials practices in a efficient and cost effective manner. Identifying councils with need is the first part of that journey.

This Survey is also provided in PDF form, so that authorities can answer offline as necessary.

Please feel free to use either online or offline versions and return the PDF version to either or We also will answer any questions pertaining to this survey. 

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* 3. If you are unable to respond to this survey, please upload any documents explaining the reasoning, details on how to appeal and any other related information that you believe is relevant.

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* 4. Please enter any text regarding FOIR that you wish to be declare such as reasons for not responding to this Survey, details of the appeal process etc. Please feel free to input here any comments.  (Max 20,000 words)