Improving services available to families experiencing perinatal mental health difficulties

During pregnancy and in the year after birth women can be affected by a range of mental health problems, including anxiety, depression and postnatal psychotic disorders. These are collectively called perinatal mental illnesses. Fathers can also suffer from perinatal mental health issues and we are keen to capture Dad’s views too.

Your experience and views on perinatal mental health services will help us to work to improve local support for perinatal mental health issues. Comments on your personal experience are very welcome please put them in the boxes.  Please be aware that your comments may be shared in order to address gaps in service provision.
Please note - This survey can also be completed by someone who has a family member who has experienced perinatal mental health issues - please answer all the questions relating them to your family member).

* 1. Are you completing this survey ....

* 2. Are you (or your family member):

* 3. What is your age (or the age of your family member)?

* 4. Can you provide an approximate date of this experience for you (or your family member)

* 5. Do you feel that you (or your family member) experienced a perinatal mental health issue which was not professionally diagnosed? Please indicate the type of condition you experienced.

* 6. If your mental health issue (or that of your family member) was professionally diagnosed, please indicate the type of condition from the list below.

* 7. Were you (or your family member) asked about your mental health by a professional during or after your pregnancy? If so, who asked you?

* 8. If you (or your family member) raised concerns about your mental health, who did you speak to?

* 9. If you (or your family member) had existing mental health issues, or if you raised concerns at the time, was this then followed up in future appointments with professionals?

* 10. If you (or your family member) accessed mental health support, please indicate which type

* 11. After the initial conversation about accessing mental health support, how long did you (or your family member) have to wait to access the services?

* 12. Please rate your experience of perinatal mental health services. Additional comments are very welcome, please put these in the box below

* 13. One of the areas we are considering is perinatal mental health peer support where informal support if given by women who have previous experience of perinatal mental health issues. If this was available in our area would you have been interested previously or consider using this type of service in the future?

* 14. If you would like to be kept informed of the outcomes of this survey and any future engagement around perinatal services please leave your name and contact details below.
Personal details will will be used only for communications about our Perinatal services review.