In July 2021, working with Public Law Project, Z2K and RNID, we took DWP to court and forced them to change their practice when they receive an appeal and recognise that the award that had been given was unfair. 

The DWP had been calling claimants and offering them a new award in return for dropping their appeal. Many reported feeling pressured or even bullied into accepting the new award. Many felt the award was lower than they would have received at an appeal hearing. Frequently the claimant themselves was called, even though they had an appointee. Almost all were not told they could accept the new award and then appeal it.

We want to ensure that the DWP have stuck to their promise and have stopped doing all of the above. If you have been called and experienced anything that sounds similar, or your client has, we’d be very grateful if you told us more below so that we can take action to stop them.

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