Welcome to My Survey

Are you an English language classroom teacher, English language head teacher/supervisor or school leader? Wherever you are in the globe, and regardless of the educational stage or setting you work at, if you are then this survey is for you!

I would deeply appreciate it if you could take a moment to help me understand the extent that English language teaching is inclusive.

The initial findings of this survey were first presented on 2nd April 2019 at the British Council signature event on inclusive education at the IATEFL Annual Conference. I would appreciate receiving your completed surveys by 30 May 2019 12am GMT. Responses we gather will ultimately be used to inform British Council publications on this matter.

If you require further information, I would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you in advance for taking time to share your perceptions and enrich the findings of my research.

The researcher

Maha Khochen-Bagshaw PhD

International Consultant specializing in Equity and Inclusion in Education

Email: maha.khochen.14@ucl.ac.uk / mahakhechen@hotmail.com

Twitter: @mahakhochen

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