Scheme Proposal Survey (7 Questions)

We would like to hear the views of local residents and businesses regarding the Forest Hill Society's proposal to implement a one-way section on the Perry Vale road; between the South Circular and the next road junction with Waldram Crescent.
The proposal document can be viewed here:

* 1. Do you support the proposal for implementing a one-way section to the Perry Vale road, as outlined in the proposal document?

* 2. Could the proposal be enhanced in any key ways?

* 3. Are there any key benefits of the scheme that should be considered?

* 4. Are there any key disadvantages of the scheme that should be considered?

* 5. Is there anything else you would like to add?

* 6. What is your stake in the proposed scheme? (select only those which apply)

  Resident Business Owner / Proprietor
Within the affected road section, I am a:
Within the wider Forest Hill area, I am a:
Beyond Forest Hill

* 7. Please confirm your name and address

PLEASE NOTE: Your details may be passed on to the council in the form of a petition