Introduction - about Fast-Track Cities initiative (FTCi) and the HIV Asset & Gap Analysis (AGA)

Introduction to Fast-Track Cities initiative (FTCi)   
June 2018 Press Release
London became a signatory to the international UNAIDS/IAPAC1 HIV Fast-Track Cities (FTC) Initiative in January 2018. It is an excellent opportunity for London to move further and faster in its HIV response.

Since the signing event, the four joint-signatories (Public Health England, NHS England, London Councils and the Mayor of London) have formed a Kickstart group. This is a small working group comprising representatives of the signatory bodies, IAPAC, the HIV community and HIV specialist clinicians. The key tasks of the Kickstart group are to:
  • Oversee a process of open engagement with stakeholders.
  • Commission and manage a pan-London analysis of existing HIV related assets and gaps.
  • Bring together a formal HIV Fast -Track Cities Initiative leadership group.
Successful stakeholder engagement will enable co-production of the London HIV asset and gap analysis. The leadership group will use this to inform the development of plans that will enable London.
(1) The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC)  
Introduction to FTCi London HIV Asset & Gap Analysis (AGA)    
Pathway Analytics are working with the HIV Fast Track Cities initiative to conduct a pan-London asset and gap analysis of HIV services and support organisations. As part of this work, we are engaging with a wide range of key stakeholders across London to find out more about the following:
  1. Assets, including 'hidden' assets, examples of best practice and innovative initiatives that help support both Londoners living with and without HIV.
  2. Gaps in service delivery and care, challenges facing HIV stakeholders and preventable failings in the system.
  3. Opportunities to enhance and improve HIV services/ assets to support all Londoners better.
Our questions are based within the framework of the FTC initiative's strategic aims: Zero Stigma, Zero New Infections, Zero HIV-related Deaths and Living Well with HIV. 

We would really value your input to this work. Please note, all information returned via the survey will be treated as confidential and only be reviewed by Pathway Analytics in its detailed form.
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