Philanthropist of the Year

In the modern commercial environment, it can be difficult to find the time or energy to devote to charitable causes. There are arguably more deserving causes than ever, a more unequal distribution of resources locally and internationally, and genuine, long-term crises to address. Against this background, many people are using their creativity and determination to do something beyond the day job or to give something back.

The NewstrAid Philanthropy Award heralds the individual, group or business that has or have shown a great example in their support of a specific or multiple charitable or not-for-profit initiative.

The winning entry will be judged on the

• The commitment shown by the individual, group or business in generating support for an initiative,
including the degree of difficulty of any activity undertaken.
• The amount raised for charitable purposes or delivery of other charitable impact, including the extent
to which the cause would be felt to be deserving by a reasonable person.
• The inventiveness and creativity shown to maximise awareness, participation or support.
• The impact and value achieved by the initiative relative to the individual or organisation resources available.

The nomination can be supported by a maximum of 3 single pages of sales data, testimony or images.

1. Fundraising may be in support of NewstrAid, but wholly not exclusive to. Only in the event that two entries are judged as equal will impact within the newspaper and magazine industry be given preference. 2. The amount raised in itself should not be the sole or key criteria as there may be broader impact considerations and an individual action should be just as capable of recognition as a group or company initiative.
Nominations and self-nominations may be submitted

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You may send us up to 3 single page supporting documents (in PDF or JPEG format ONLY)a video contribution provided via a link to YouTube or similar site that does not exceed ONE minute  to aid understanding.

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