How much interest is there in Tina's Kitchen lunch delivery?

As we're based at the top of Lewes High Street, getting a healthy low carb rainbow salad box isn't easy for everyone, so we're considering a delivery service to other areas of the town and would like to know who would be interested and where popular areas would be.

* 1. How many times have you had a take away Tina's Kitchen lunch?

* 2. Would you buy more Tina's Kitchen lunches if we could deliver to you?

* 3. Where in Lewes would you like your lunch delivered?

* 4. Would you prefer salad boxes or hot dishes to be delivered?

* 5. How much would delivery be worth for you?

* 6. We also sell frozen stews, veggie and meat/fish. Would you be interested in having these delivered?

* 7. What would be the best delivery time for you?

* 8. How would you prefer to order?

* 9. An alternative to a delivery service could be that one person from a workplace comes to get lunch for themselves and colleagues; we would give a free Tina's Kitchen bag to carry the lunches, and for every order over a certain amount, the collector would get a discount on their lunch. Would this interest you?

* 10. As a thank you for completing this survey, we would like to offer you the chance to enter a prize draw, with the winner getting a £10 Tina's Kitchen voucher. If you would like to enter the draw, please leave your email below. 

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