'Every Punk Needs to Read This' is an upcoming report outlining the problem with sexism, misogyny, and abuse within the global punk scene.

A week after announcing the project, enough survey submissions were gathered to illustrate an urgent need for introspection, discussion and change. These anonymous anecdotes (in which all names and identifiers are redacted) range from everyday patronising or gatekeeping attitudes to cases of sexual violence.

I've issued a statement on the early closing on that iteration of the survey here.

Solutions and Suggestions

I am still collecting peoples' contributions on actions - be they personal or as a community - that can be taken to make the scene safer, more inclusive, and more welcoming for people of marginalised genders. 

If you have any ideas, please leave them below.

Pending any delays, the report will be available at EveryPunk.com towards the end of August 2020.

Many thanks

Tom West

Question Title

* 1. What changes would you like to see to make the punk rock scene a safer and more welcoming environment?

Please note there is no 'review before submit' page at the end of this survey.