The aim of this EQA scheme is to provide an online competency assessment for the classification of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene variants related to ovarian cancer and the predicted response to PARP inhibitor treatment. This EQA is open to individuals who classify the pathogenicity of variants and provides assurance of your competency to achieve this accurately and in the most up-to-date manner.

Note: this is an additional educational tool for our users. It is separate from the BRCA-Ovarian EQA scheme and does not replace it.

The Process of Participation
  • Individuals will be provided with their own secure password protected website account which gives access to a defined set of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene variants.
  • They will be required to review the variants following their routine procedures and submit the classification along with their reasonning to the website.
  • Ten variants will be provided for this EQA run.

Benefits of Participation

Following the completion of the EQA run all participants will receive:
  • an individual report summarising their classification
  • an EQA summary report to enable benchmarking against the expert predicted classifications
  • an invitation to access the variant classification videos with explanations and evidence used for the expert predicted classifications
  • a certificate of participation

A subsequent teleconference/WebEx will be held to answer any questions and provide educational support.

How to participate in the 2019 scheme

Registration is now open and easy to complete.
  • Please complete this form to register your interest in participating and we will do the rest.
  • All information including key dates and full instructions on how to complete the EQA will be sent to you.
  • There is no fee to participate as Astra Zeneca will cover your participation costs. Please note that Astra Zeneca will not be provided with your identified EQA results.
  • The closing date for registrations is 11th August 2019.