As housing services merged and Colin Moone became our new sevice lead, the change prompted us to re-think the Streets Ahead newsletter.

We wanted to give the newsletter a fresh new look, a new name and to create a Resident Editorial Panel so we got our heads together to have a conversation about the options.

As officers we don't always know what you want to read about and what will be of interest, hence the idea of creating an Editorial Panel so you can have your say on this.

So on that note, it's your turn to join the conversation and let us know what you think..

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* 1. Please read the following statements and tick those you agree with. Bear in mind this housing newsletter refers to previous editions called Streets Ahead

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* 2. Thinking about the most recent edition you have seen of the housing newsletter, would you have.....? Please tick one option only

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* 3. Do you think the newsletter should be

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