Consultation Survey for Ambition Members

We are pleased to give all Ambition members the opportunity to inform the Life Chances Fund. For more information, please visit Ambition Consultations.
With the exception of the contact information, none of the questions require an answer but please complete as much as you can for your views to be considered.
Thank you,
The Ambition Team

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. What do you think are the key issues to address for young people in England/your locality?

* 3. What are your proven interventions? i.e. evidence-based and successful

* 4. What are the issues likely to co-present? i.e. family breakdown, mental health

* 5. How do you think a SIB could help this grow/be catalytic?

* 6. What cohort do you think LCF should focus on and why?

* 7. What wouldn't be appropriate for a SIB in the youth sector?

* 8. How should LCF approach the youth sector?

* 9. What are the potential challenges to an outcomes-based commissioning approach in the youth sector?

* 10. Where are the greatest cost savings to be made - i.e. NEET prevention?

* 11. What are the key outcomes LCF should focus on supporting?

* 12. Please highlight any case studies / examples about what's working