The James Oglethorpe Primary School - Parent Survey 2017

Thankyou for taking the time to complete this questionaire as it will influence our decisions that we make. We will report back on our findings next term.

* 1. How often would you want to recieve a written report about your child's progress and attainment?

* 2. The length of the current report is?

* 3. What is the most important part of the report to you? (Score between 1 and 9 - 1 being most important to 9 for the least important)

* 4. Is the language used in the report jargon free?

* 5. Were there surprises in the report for you about your child?

* 6. Parents Evening - Do you prefer more formal open evenings with appointments or informal where you can drop in?

* 7. Breakfast Club - Do you currently use the breakfast club facilities?

* 8. If the breakfast club ran earlier from 7.30am would you use the facility?

* 9. Walking Bus - Would you use a Walking Bus facility from the Jobbers Rest carpark so that you can drop your child off to staff and then go?

* 10. If we did a walking bus what slot would you use?