Five New Technical Guides

Tree climbing and aerial rescue 
Using tools in the tree 
Rigging and dismantling 
Use of cranes in arboriculture 
Use of MEWPs in arboriculture 

Following this year’s early development work, the Technical Guides have now reached the stage where feedback from the community is vital. The PDF documents you have access to (in links, below) are scoping documents that outline the contents of each guide.  
Target audience. 
They have been created for the Technical Guide author to provide guidance on content and will also be used as part of the specification that authors will tender against. You will see in the scoping document for each guide that greyed out text will be drawn up by the Association and green text indicates the proposed content from the author for each section. 
We really value your thoughts on the overall structure and relationship between the guides, and then your technical expertise in all or any one of the guides, to check we haven’t missed anything you think is vital, nor duplicated or added unnecessary content.  
You do not need to answer all the questions or comment on all the guides but any feedback you offer will be considered and taken on board. 
This review will feed directly into the documents used for the tendering process; if you would like to tender for all or part of the writing or production of a guide please contact
This survey will close on 30th September on 11.30 pm

Thank you.

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The Technical Guides are intended for the working arborist, with reference sections for the team leader/ supervisor on site. They
are derived from the ‘Industry Code of Practice for Arboriculture – Tree Work at Height’ (ICoP) published by the Association in
2015 which is aimed at the Responsible Person, and they will incorporate the key safety points contained in the existing AFAG
safety Guides. They are not intended to be training manuals but may provide useful reference for the development of training
materials. The five guides are intended to be progressive and pre-requisite, i.e. an arborist must be conversant with climbing
before using tools in the tree, before carrying out rigging, before using cranes, etc. MEWPs are potentially an exception to this

* 5. Do you agree that the relationship between the ICoP and Technical Guides incorporating AFAG guides will allow for adequate, relevant information to all parties?

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* 6. Do you agree that the guides should be written as a progression (i.e. not include duplication and repetitive content from one guide to another)?

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* 7. Should the Technical Guide on ‘Use of MEWPs in arboriculture’ be included as part of the progression, or be separate?

* 8. Do you agree that the guides should contain summary sections for team leader/supervisors?

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