What is this survey for?
Earlier this year we asked people across the UK and Ireland for their comments and questions about the things that influence whether people stay involved in randomised trials.  We want to create a list of priorities for future research to help improve the numbers of people staying involved in randomised trials.  The process of people staying involved in randomised trials is often referred to as ‘retention’.

Thank you to everyone who sent comments and questions about retention to randomised trials.  We have summarised them and listed them in this new survey. 
You can see more about the project here 
We are now asking you to choose the 10 questions that you think are the most important for future research to answer.
Please take part in the survey if you are:  
  • A person who has been asked to take part, or has taken part, in a randomised trial
  • A parent or carer of someone who has been asked to take part, or has taken part, in a randomised trial
  • A person who has taken part in aspects of randomised trials as a partner in the research (eg, helped to get the funding, been on a trial steering committee, commented on patient information such as leaflets, letters etc)
  • A health professional or any member of a research team whose work includes encouraging people to stay involved in randomised trials once they have agreed to take part
  • Someone who has designed, run, analysed, reported on or regulated (eg, ethics committees) randomised trials
  • Someone with experience of the methods of randomised trials (ie, how trials are done). 

Is this survey confidential?

This is a confidential survey.  We will ask for a little information about you.  This is so that we can understand who is completing the survey and whether we are hearing from a wide range of people. 

You do not have to put your name and email address on this survey unless you want to hear from us again.  You will not be identified in any of the survey results and we will keep the information you give us secure.  If you do give us your name and email address we will destroy our records of these after the end of the project.

If you have any questions about completing this questionnaire, please email Dan Brunsdon on dan.brunsdon@abdn.ac.uk . 

Thank you for your help.  Your input into this survey will help shape future research and make randomised trials better for others.

20% of survey complete.