* 1. I am in year:

* 2. I am:

* 3. I am proud to be a student at JWA

* 4. I think behaviour at JWA is good.

* 5. Since the introduction of the consequences system, my view of behaviour in the classroom is:

* 6. Since the introduction of the consequences system, I think behaviour on the corridors and around the school is:

* 7. What are your thoughts on the consequences behaviour system?

* 8. My school cares about how it is presented: (displays in corridors, outside spaces, canteen etc.)

* 9. I have noticed improvements to the inside and outside of the school building

* 10. My school is run by leaders who know what needs to happen to make our school better.

* 11. I am aware that there are new leaders in charge of JWA

* 12. I feel that the new leaders of JWA have made a change to the way the school is run.

* 13. I am challenged and pushed to work hard and achieve my best

* 14. I feel that I am challenged more now than in previous years.

* 15. Is collaborative learning used in your lessons?

* 16. Do you enjoy collaborative learning?

* 17. Does collaborative learning help you to learn?

* 18. Please rate the following collaborative learning structures to show how often you use each structure (see posters for guidance)

  Use frequently Use sometimes Have used once or twice Never use
Active listen
Be a great coach
Big question
Buzz and go
Gather and share
Leader of learning
Lucky dip
Mentor then swap
Move and synergise
Pair and swap
Pick a card
Question and swap
Show the leader
Sign the sheet
Speak for my team
Targeted interview
Raise your hand when the teacher signals
Transferable skills
Turned discussion
Work through me
Outfox the class
Peer pin
Four times better

* 19. Which collaborative learning structures help improve your learning the most and why?

* 20. I think JWA is a good school

* 21. I think my school is seen positively in the community

* 22. Are there any comments you would like to make about JWA? (Suggestions or general comments)